• Great gift for moms!
  • Quick set-up no complicated assembly instructions.
  • Three stages of play: lying on back, tummy-time, sit and play!
  • Musical plush dangling toys.
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation.
  • Different shapes and colors keep baby from getting bored.
  • Sweet design charms mom and baby.
  • Generous play mat for tummy time.
  • Tactile and color variety.
  • Encourages exercise and muscle development.
  • Stimulates eye-hand coordination



A newborn will be content lying on her back, gazing into Mommy or Daddy’s face. And that doesn’t really get old for a long time. But baby’s brain and muscles and skills are developing, and after a while she would like a wee bit more entertainment, if you don’t mind. The baby play mat is a classic, sure to provide, well, minutes, but they add up to hours, of amusement! And parents know that even 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to make dinner or throw a load in the wash can be a blessing, even aside from the myriad benefits the play mat gives their little one. And what are those benefits, you ask? The list goes on and on, but here’s a start.



The big size soft mat, virtually swarming with colorful illustrations & overhead toys. Baby will eventually discover is a soothing and pleasant music. Textures, colors, sounds, and toys abound, and baby has the power to make all these objects squeak and jingle and jitter and flash, as soon as she can figure out how to make those hands and feet and mouth of hers connect with her heart’s desire. Herein lies the developmental potential.


Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Whether she’s waving her limbs around; aiming specifically for the goggle-eyed, toys overhead; or rolling over to find the source of that I.Q.-enhancing classical music, baby will be hard-pressed not to advance her infant skill set on the super deluxe mat. Everything on the play mat has a mission: to make baby learn. Cause and effect is a biggie. Those large muscles are getting a real workout, too, resulting in improved large motor skills: reaching, kicking, rolling over, and pushing up. Many babies don’t particularly enjoy their necessary daily "tummy time," but this play mat encourages baby to lift and turn her head to see the toys and find the music. Tummy time is fun again! And don’t forget the fine motor skills! Those little fingers have to meet if baby wants to grasp the toys with sounds.


For Mom and Dad

The mat and arches fold up, and the entire mat snaps together and travels easily, which is a good thing because you won’t want to be without it on your trips. The padded mat is machine washable (read instructions first—the music box and toys don’t take it kindly to machine washing…).



Size – 100 x 95 x 56 cm

Type – Portable & Washable


Note : battery is required (not included).


AED189٫00 Regular Price
AED99٫00Sale Price
  • This item is eligible for return within 7 days of purchase in original packing

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