Signs Your Child is Ready For Potty Training!!

Are you tired of changing those diapers? Isn’t it great to get your child out of the diapers? As your child grows, they learn everything from you and teaching them everything on correct time is very important. The same rule applies for potty training as well. How to know which is the right time of a potty training? Many parents complain their child took a long time to get trained, but it’s not the kid’s fault. It can be because you started training at the wrong time. I will explain you few signs your child is ready for potty training.

The very first thing you have to do is forget those old-school thoughts of potty training which say it should be done by eighteen months old as your mommy use to do. In early times parents use to take their child for toilet visit at regular intervals but now time has changed. And remember, if you start on the early stage then it will take longer time. For most of the children, the right time for potty training is between the ages of two and three.

When your child starts observing your toilet habits and also ask questions with curiosity, it means they are showing interest. This interest shows they are ready for potty training. Answer their questions and mention that big people don’t use diaper they use a toilet instead. You might think it’s uncomfortable, but take your child to the bathroom with you. It will be a great idea if daddy trains the son and mommy for the daughter. This is the fact that children get curious to know about things through story books. You can use this trick and buy few good story books about potty training and start reading to them.

One more sign which is easy to recognize for the readiness of potty training is your child’s ability to pull the pants up and down. Hence, if your child is perfect in this step of dressing then you are good to go.

The frequency of the child's urinating is another physical sign of potty training readiness. It means if they had a dry diaper for a longer than usual time, then it shows they are ready for potty training. Also, keep an eye if they are awakening dry from the nap.

Look for this signs to identify Is your child ready for potty training? You can also use Potty training seats & chairs for your convenience

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